Depot Museum

When you visit the Depot Museum, you take a step back into the past. The fully restored 1872 railroad depot is filled with the stories and memorabilia of a bygone age. Located in the center of North Creek on the old D&H rail line, you will find a wide range of permanent and special exhibits describing the history of North Creek.

While visiting the museum, you will be able to go back in time and relive the history of the area. Current Exhibits include:

  • “North Creek and the Adirondack Railroad” – a scale model by Dunham Studios
  • The story of the Adirondack Railroad and its effect on the region.
  • The story of Theodore Roosevelt’s midnight ride to the Presidency and the impact of his Presidency on American Life.
  • History of the Snow Trains and the development of Skiing at Gore Mountain.
  • The D&H: History and its impact on the North Country

Check out the Depot Museum website here